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quotes on self made man bobbie carlyle famous female sculptures

Self Made Man, Bobbie Carlyle – Bobbie's Official Website …

Bobbie Carlyle is a world class sculptor known for creating sculptures in bronze in … Self Made Man Poster Self … Self Made Man. Bobbie Carlyle's vision …

Bobbie Carlyle Sculptures in Bronze Loveland Colorado Bobbie …

Bobbie Carlyle has created some of the most compelling figurative work in the art world today, work that captures the essence of her subject. Indeed, it is work that carries a strong psychological element: dealing with the full spectrum and complexity of emotion, the struggles and triumphs of life.

The Self Made Man is a sculpture by Loveland artist Bobbie …

The Self Made Man is a sculpture by Loveland artist Bobbie Carlyle that depicts a man carving himself (and his future) out of raw stone. The sculpture is slightly larger-than-life and measures around 10 feet tall.

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For more of artist and sculptor Bobbie Carlyle’s work check out her site at http://www.bobbiecarlylesculpture.com/. Bobbie’s “Self-Made Man” sculpture is her most popular piece. She says it represents man’s carving of himself out of stone, carving his character and carving his future.

Self-Made Man | The Unbirthday Party

A Google internet search of the term “self-made man” resulted in my idea for my fourth tattoo. After going through everything I could find on the ideals of a self-made man as defined by Frederick Douglass and Benjamin “Unbuttons” Franklin, I stumbled upon a picture of Bobbie Carlyle’s bronze sculpture depicting her vision of a…

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World renowned "Self Made Man" — Man carving himself – carving his character, carving his future. This beautiful 8'10" is for sale. It has been greatly discounted to $40,000.00 (originally $75,000.00).

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Bobbie Carlyle’s bronze sculpture, “Self Made Man”, has been one of her most successful pieces. Like many of her works, it has evolved from the experiences in her life and has been a monumental task to accomplish.

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*Special thanks to Linda Cordair for permission to use the image of the sculpture "Self-Made Man" by Bobbie Carlyle at Quent Cordair Fine Art. For more great leadership strategies read my book: Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity (Columbia Business School Publishing; July 2013).

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The 41 Manliest Man Quotes. … He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made … but a man must become… There’s no female Mozart because …

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In his 1954 book entitled The Self-Made Man in America: The Myth of Rags to Riches, Irvin G. Wyllie described how on February 2, 1832 Henry Clay had "coined the phrase 'self-made men'" during his speech to the United States Senate.