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bronze nude female statue

Life Size Antique Bronze Female Statue Home Decor for Sale

YouFine has nearly 40 years of experience in casting bronze figure statues. We not only focus on high-quality statues, but also on the ultimate customer experience.
Item No: BFI-052
Material: Antique Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Insurance: Cover All Risks
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service 1: Factory Direct
Service 2: Door to Door Delivery


Life Size Antique Bronze Female Statue Home Decor for Sale prices

Bronze Female Statue Description

This bronze nude female statue shows the softness of the female body. The woman in the statue tentatively extends one of her feet to play in the water, adding dynamic beauty to the entire statue. The female in the statue has a graceful body and every move exudes charming charm.

nude female statue

Delicate Clay Model

Our artists are experienced in figure statues and they can make clay models based on pictures. You can tell our artists your requirements and they will modify the drawings according to your needs. After the drawing is completed, our artists will make a detailed clay model based on the drawing. The making of the clay model is purely hand-carved. Our artists carved the hair of this bronze female statue one by one with a fine utility knife, so it presents such a realistic and stunning effect.

bronze female statue..


Where to Place the Bronze Female Statue?

Because of its unique design, it can be placed next to a swimming pool or a fountain. It not only fits the statue theme but also adds a different flavor to the swimming pool or fountain. You can also place it next to the pool in your backyard. Among the flowers and plants, there is a silhouette of this nude female statue, her bronze skin shining in the sunlight, very beautiful. Considering the possibility of this statue coming into contact with water, we also gave it a rust-proof treatment to extend its service life.


bronze female statue

YouFine is famous for its high-quality status. At YouFine, you can not only choose the statues you like but also experience the most comprehensive services.

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