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get a statue of yourself bronze statue

Bronze Statues | Custom Sculpture – Total Statue

Our bronze artists & painters can make outdoor statues, portrait statues, portrait paintings, mascot statues, christian statues, memorial statues & memorial paintings. We promise that any custom statue or custom oil painting we make will surpass your expectations. bronze statues, marble statues and oil paintings.

Life Size Custom Bronze And Marble Statue Cost,Personalized …

Customized Services include Custom Bronze Statue,Custom Marble,And Custom Dog Statue,You Send Your Photographs And We Create A Custom Bronze Statue Or Custom Statue of Your Precious Pet.

How much does it cost to make a life-sized statue of … – Quora

Hello,The Material of A life-size sculpture could be marble or bronze. if you choose the Marble life size statue ,the cost may be USD 1500 ~ USD 2500,the price of bronze sculpture may be USD 1800- USD 2800;According to your special needs, the price is different.


Statues.com is a certified “Made in the USA” producer. Our team, production studio, sculptors, bronze casting techs are all located right here in the United States. We also source 100% of our materials from American suppliers and businesses.

For $300, You Can Buy a Stunning 3-D Printed Version of …

In ancient Greece, wealthy citizens commissioned busts of themselves in bronze. Centuries later, subjects sat for painted portraits, and then eventually for Daguerreotypes that could take upwards …

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custom sculpture, busts and statues Bronze busts, wax figures, creatures & animals, aliens & Star Wars characters, we can create what you need! Contact us today to discuss your project!

Halloween Makeup Ideas with TEN31: Bronze Statue – YouTube

Halloween Makeup Ideas with TEN31: Bronze Statue … Join us as Amy Rudis from TEN31 creates a Bronze Statue with a few basic elements. … How to Transform Yourself into a Marble, Sculpture Bust! …

How Do I Turn a Person Into a Bronze Statue in Photoshop …

Bronze is a solid color so, except for shadows, any differences in tones will take away from your bronzing effect. If the model is wearing a light-colored shirt and dark pants, for example, adjust the levels to make the shirt darker and the pants lighter.

Get a custom statue made by famous artists and sculptor

The most notable bronze statue findings have come from Greece, Egypt, and China. The Egyptians began creating bronze sculpture centuries ago for tombs to immortalize and honor their dead, and archeologists are still finding bronze artifacts today from Greek and Roman civilizations from thousands of years ago.

Custom Statues

Every statue we make is unique to the client. And so is the way we work hand in hand with the client to design, craft, finish and deliver your sculpture. From public monuments to commercial statues, personal memorials to corporate artwork, we will deliver a sculpture that generations can see, touch and will serve as a remembrance forever.