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get a statue of yourself bronze nude staue

How much would it be to get a statue made of myself? • r …

If you like the plaster, you can then get the bronze (cheaper) or marble (more expensive) cut, with the price depending on whether you want solid bronze, and the type of marble. If you're serious, there are relatively cheap (in the scheme of things) places that do this in Mexico.

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Statues.com is a certified “Made in the USA” producer. Our team, production studio, sculptors, bronze casting techs are all located right here in the United States. We also source 100% of our materials from American suppliers and businesses.

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How much would that bronze sculpture cost? Limited Edition or …

bronze or 25 if it’s in cold cast bronze) The prospective client has seen the price of a limited edition sculpture and they think it would cost about the same to have their own child or grandchild made into a sculpture. People are often shocked at the price difference between a limited edition and commission work.

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Veronese Bronze Finish Nude Kneeling Female Statue 4 1/4 Inches Tall 1 offer from $58.50 Resin Statues The Lovers Bronze Finished Man Carrying Woman Nude Statue 6.5 X 11.5 X 3.5 Inches Bronze

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Large African Tribal Art Bronze Benin Ashanti Akan Nude Fertility Warrior Statue Antique brass bronze naked fertility warrior statue. This is an interesting tribal art statue.

The 14 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues in the World …

But build a goddamned 100-ton bronze statue, and people will still be staring at that shit centuries from now. Which makes it all the more awesome when a sculptor creates a horrifying monument to his own insanity and gets it erected in city park or town square.

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It’s a lifesize bronze statue of Chef Boyardee, the man who gave the world bland canned pasta. We don’t have a joke here. It’s a statue of Chef Boyardee that somebody made, and it continues to exist. This is the world we live in.

Crazy Girls Bronze Sculpture – 14 Photos – Adult …

Unveiled in 1997, the Crazy Girls Bronze Sculpture is located just in front of the Riviera Hotel and Casino. The sculpture is basically the backsides of seven dancers from the "Crazy Girls" topless show that plays inside. Even as a tourist, I thought it was an amusing site and great for a photo opp!